5 day …
Today tuned: Papa
Besides the usual travel arrangements employed the strike by Air France as from 06.24.2016, 0:00. We are flying at 7am with Air France from Hanover to Paris and then to Seattle. Or not. There is hope. After Paris flying budget airline Hop! on behalf of Air France, which are not affected by the strike. And to Seattle partner Delta Airlines. The not. So much for the theory.
Otherwise the day was filled with preparations. Phone, SIM, battery packs, medicines and this site were subject today.

24 June Hanover – Seattle

The announced strike of Air France will now not take place. This does not prevent the plane from Hannover to Paris to start late hour. He is already much earlier since, but the crew must still comply with their rest periods. The delay was announced in the morning with me no less than 3 emails from Air France. 2 announced a delay, a told them off. Unfortunately, more announcements as cancellations.
In Paris the hunt is after connecting flyer then naturally hectic for many other passengers it is definitely lost. They then give a rest. What I do not know: One of our 4 suitcases will also lose the race …
When boarding is just my 14 year old daughter „is selected by the system“ to be extensively studied. Everybody out of the pocket, can scan. All while far more questionable figures pass a good mood.
The flight is smooth, the handling as used in the United States consuming but friendly and as fast they can. I counted 6 stations where the ball had to be shown again.
When collecting the baggage, the absence of one of the 4 case turned out, of the son. However, with my razor, so I start on this holiday on the first day with the weathering. For the suitcase I initiate the transfer to Portland, another trip station, where I can then pick him hopefully. For waiting in Seattle is no time. To anticipate: We should get back the suitcase in Portland.
The hotel shuttle is found quickly, the hotel then of course. A betagtes Hotel not 100m away from the runway, but all the necessary offered us. Of course, our room is beside the runway.
Because we’re just that day in Seattle, we absolutely must have the Space Needle. Hotel Shuttle – 40min train – go 2km. Usually. Today, there are 3, because the police closed Downtown for a visit by Obama. That we do not see, but hundreds of police officers, armored personnel carriers and at least 20-man waiting motorcycle escort.
On the train back crashes Marc with his head on the front seat, as he falls asleep suddenly. And Mama Olga tilts almost aside, if they are not a little support.
At 20 am local time am I with an awake now since 24 hours troops back at the hotel.

25 June Seattle – Portland

We try the morning of the first time Uber to get at the airport Wohnmobilvermietung Apollo from the hotel. Within 2 minutes, a Toyota Prius is there, the really low brings us the 30 miles from Seattle to Tacoma. My first time Prius. The representation of the types of drives that he uses just knows to inspire already. My favorite is the car not because it is not a plug-in, so it can not solely on electric power. Only 30 kilometers electrical and fuel would largely preventable in my life. The strikingly pigmented driver had spent two years in Germany in professional football until a stroke made him health plans. The entire balance of the taxi ride automatically goes Uber and credit card, even the tip is so settled. So just get off and finished.
The acquisition of the mobile home drags on. The location on a rather shabby backyard is still new, the team is not recorded. Only after an hour our turn with the formalities. The training is done together with 5 other families of three nationalities and sufficient to meet the mobile home. We had previously seen it all on YouTube. Our mobile should have while being cleaned, but the staff pulls video games on the iPhone the job before he promptly lost before our eyes and acknowledged with a spit in the direction of Chef.
Finally, we also have the bedding and the latest adapter and can go. Automatic! I use an empty adjacent parking to try driving safely. An automatic you get used to fast, only in reverse, it is difficult. After the last automatic I got my car at home barely out of the garage. After testing our adventure begins.
The handset is a Minnie Winnie of Winnebago on Ford basis and handles like a drink of water in the curve. The rattle can be improved by better stowing probably. It is sensitive to side winds and do not like trucks. The slide creates a pressure wave in front of him, which always puts the caravan to averaged 30cm before you can take countermeasures.
My first match box car was also a Winnebago that not even looked much different. And now I have a real!
To Portland we are still looking at a supermarket to stock us with the most important. How friendly are. One only has to look questioningly and they will help you. The prices, however, are salted.
In Portland, finally, which we reached with Here Maps on the navigation, manages to surprise my Russian niece Kristina, who married here. Her husband has known for months know and we are in the garden, as they come out and see us. All press away a tear or two, there are gifts, including a photo book about the life of my niece, and now we will be showing us three days Portland.
Inaugurated host had feigned an evening with friends, he had also inaugurated. The confirmed Kristina the invitation, but did not. And so we come to a very good meal, which was actually intended for others. The two girls of my family are allowed to sleep in the house, I and my son volunteered for the first time in the motorhome.
Incidentally, we reached in the evening of the call that the suitcase Portland has reached. The host drives me to the nearby airport, but found in the arrivals area no parking. I get to the right place from, find the suitcase within a minute, get him to have to show without something and get the car in dense traffic jams just 50 meters on foot with suitcases on again.

26 June Portland Wahclella Falls

In the morning we get a delicious breakfast in a cafe, where 3 Baristas their jobs really do with passion. This is accessible from our home on foot. A conspicuous number of cyclists there are. They have no own way, but it is taken much consideration. I do not experience a critical situation. Many do shopping or Kindertransporte with a bicycle, which is probably unique in the United States. And among all the giant cars to hide quite a few electric vehicles. Electric Smart, Chevrolet Spark in electric, BMWi3 and some Tesla.
In the afternoon we take a hiking trip to the Wahclella Falls. On the way there is the nearby volcano Mount St. Helen to see the beginning of the 80 times a raven had day. Looks peaceful.
Evening there was a carefully prepared dinner. A delicious salad with ingredients exclusively from a nearby health food store with local products, like with us is so huge a normal supermarket.
For my girl, there’s a spare bed in the house, I sleep with the son in the camper. Not to bad, the jet lag evaporates slowly.

27 June at Portland

The last day in Portland. In the morning we make a trip to the Rose Garden, a ride through Downtown and in the afternoon we go swimming on a lake, which lies on the other side of the Columbia River in Vancouver.
Worth mentioning, I find the green lanes, the recently wind through Downtown. Bike lanes at the expense of car tracks. There you go, so go here.
Evening we allow ourselves to get Mexican food and perform one last time a long talk in the family.

June 28 State skirt

Today we leave the safety of our family in Portland and started the real adventure morning. The trip goes from Portland also on Mount Hood passing through the Cascades, a mountain range of volcanic origin, extending to California. Here, the landscape of lush forests changed to a karst area mainly with grasses. At one point, a river cuts through the landscape, which looks like a Grand Canyon in small. The highway winds its way down and on the other side up again. The poor Caravan torments himself for the first time very. After all, I found a position on the lever with which the automatic exploit the engine brake. By Madras issue in the State Rock Park. It’s my first impressive Wild West landscape. Anyway, I did think of it that way. Between the huge rocks are climbers, through the landscape a river runs. The heat is already almost unbearable and we are still far north.
Then we go to the High Desert Museum, we only reach half an hour before closing. They want us anyway just wanted tickets for the salted full price sale. Then it’s not possible. For now we have no campsite reservation, so we follow the signs on the road. The first Park has a cookie with lawn without connections for us. $ 57.
The second costs 40 dollars with full power and Wifi, but he is right on the highway. With coaxing I can bring all 3 pitches between me and the highway. Between all the neighboring vehicles my right looks forlorn. The right of it is a converted truck with all 5 Slide Outs, 2 motor bikes piggyback and an appended Porsche Cheyenne. I do not want to talk about the left.
The first terminal (Full Hookup) the camper turns out quite easily, it is self-explanatory. We have electricity, running water without its own pump and gray and black (toilet) water dirt rely directly.
Life on board has yet to coalesce. If 4 people back and forth in a tiny space rummage, constantly puts a the things the others aside, then have to search. The whole thing is very conflicted and I can only hope that the still einspielt. For example, should sit 2 easy when the other 2 already rummaging.
The 140cm wide bed behind proves to be too narrow for two, so I can convert the seating area for me …

29 June Crater Lake

My suffering will not be long, because it is my boss cold at night. Early in the morning I shall return to bed. So hot it is during the day, so cold it is at night. 7 ° C. The Caravan cools slowly, the ceilings are thin. After all, the ceilings are so big that you can take it twice. Then it is quite bearable.
Morning i pad fresh water and get rid of the contaminated sites. This is called here, dump ‚and it is very easy. We leave with a heavy heart, the two neighboring campers. Today it goes to Crater Lake, our first National Park. The landscape has returned to normal and looks quite green. The karst landscape yesterday is probably due to a high level. After an hour’s drive we are at the park entrance and to the Ranger $ 15 for the entire family to pay. This is not too much, but we choose instead a $ 80 card, because we come in all other parks also inside. Unfortunately, the inlet to the park is so close that I hit a far protruding mirrors against a projecting sign. The Ranger is forgive me and the outside mirrors also. One can for such cases fold the mirror actually.
The Crater Lake measures 8km in diameter and 500m deep. This used to be a volcano, after an explosion 7,000 years ago a hole. The walls around are almost inaccessible, it goes down steeply. The water is so clear blue, as I have not seen anywhere else there. One can go around it, which is quite far goes down the side of the road. And all around, there are always Lookouts.
We are still in a supermarket, where I intended 40% more than have to pay at home.
The day ends at the KOA campground in Klamath Falls, which is tiny, but even has a pool. Unlike the asphalt surface of yesterday it is very idyllic with lawn and a stream behind the motorhome. When’s it remains a small stream. And inside bathes grade a tiny yellow bird, which can not be impressed by me.

30 June, Lava Beds

The night is restless because constantly hopping birds on the roof of the mobile home. At some point one has to also be accustomed.
The day begins with the National Park, Lava Beds‘, which is not far from Klamath Falls. We will then have to leave even Oregon and California reached. So far I mistrusted my annual pass to national parks, but we really need to pay no admission. The park is a vast field with lava, so everywhere irregular rocks. Below this area are still various hells which partly traverse the terrain for kilometers. It is up to each to go in there and elsewhere to get out. Because Papa Dirk but expensive helmets will not pay and the flashlight is only enough for the mobile home, the trip ends promptly. One was too scared, the next a bump.
Otherwise we drive through huge valleys with fantastic landscapes that are still very much green. There are quite colored birds, comical fur animals and slightly enlarged insects. And so far only a mosquito bite in the family.
Actually we want today also still visit, let Vulcanic ‚National Park, but get there too late. When we get up early tomorrow, we can do that before the 400km to San Francisco.
The Minnie Winnie has proved a faithful companion. He is satisfied with little attention and is serving. Only fuel he drinks like a fish. Worth mentioning in passing: It proves to be very convenient to always have a toilet here. That alone already justifies this rattletrap that we grow fond gradually.
The day ends again in a KOA campground, which is once again an idyllic location in a pine forest. A small tree small groups with seating proves to be very convenient.

July 01, Let Vulcanic

The bad planning with letting Vulcanic National Park I have to improve again today. These all have to get up at 7, which cost me some sympathy. The Caravan has been connected only to power, why do I am still a Service in a central location of the park by. In short – electricity, water, shit. Strangely, no one else is present from my family in such situations. Well – they will have to do more important things.
So today we must still scheduled for yesterday Park and then to San Francisco. First, we have to drive 12 miles back to the northern park entrance. This time I flap like the mirror, but the ranger looks still anxiously at the gap between Minnie Winnie and their cottage. At first two thirds of the park there was nothing striking. Coniferous forests, sometimes in the middle of fields of boulders and here and there a viewpoint. But then. It goes steeply uphill to Lassen Peak, the actual volcano. Snow, steep slopes, narrow streets and in the middle my huge Minnie Winnie. From the parking lot below the hilltop we have a beautiful view of the entire area. Anyone who wants can still rise 4 hours through deep snow to the summit. We did not want to. On the descent with the camper we see some places with rising steam. From near the turns as sulfur smell from boiling puddles. I know that otherwise only from television.
Then we have to hurry to come to San Francisco. 200 more miles through the heat in our side wind-prone mobile home. Only there is to admire a canyon, then we fill in Red Bluff. At us passes the fire with much whining. Later on Interstate the reason is clear – burning straw fields. In addition to the fire department is also a helicopter with extinguishing device in use.
Far ahead of San Francisco, the road widens to 6 tracks and the ride becomes viscous. In the opposite direction no longer went. It cost me some nerves, to go with the Minnie Winnie in this traffic with and always find the right tracks. But finally we arrived in good time in the reserved Golden Gate Trailer Park in Sausalito. The most expensive and by far the worst RV park ever. Incidentally, the only in the area in which I may only stay because I have reserved in February. Next to me a lot of broken characters who live partly permanently here. The cars are close together, not intervening as usual with space for one or two more mobile. The usual seating missing.
As direct neighbor I have a soldier in retirement, who had been an artilleryman for 5 years in Berlin. I help him to repair his awning, this gives me the tools to bring my fly screen at the front door in order.
Are all ready as actually every night. Papa goes buhbuh.
July 02, San Francisco

The day starts at 7 am. Once again I am in the prison-like shower rooms alone. The rest of the camp has not so with hygiene. As I let your eyes wander, I notice a mobile home that is fully umpflanzt with tomatoes. What is it mobile? I asked myself already given the allotments with fence (!) On many a German campsite. I have a place right on the outhouse. The reason I remember now emerging. The cottage shorten the course and with my 25ft motorhome I have less than 50 pieces, the smallest. In Germany I could hereby points. And although the American roads are generous, I would like to have no larger. Driving on 6 tracks of big cities and the many branches are quite demanding.
Minnie Winnie break today. We are committed to walk from our, Golden Gate Trailer Park ‚towards Ferry in motion. There we draw tickets from a vending machine. Actually these are my natural enemies, but this does its job, and – a first for me – returns change. I look again at suspiciously: „If the device has found a new way to be kidding me?“ The ferry takes an hour to Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge over San Francisco. Actually we thought, according to 40 degrees yesterday would now our end come at the city tour, but there was a sudden drop in temperature to 14 degrees. We need the first time even jackets. In San Francisco, we completed the most usual stations: Fishermans Wharf, Telegraph Hill, Chinatown, Downtown, Union Square, Lombard Street and the cable cars. All walk over several kilometers over – completely unexpected – Hill, which lowers the mood of the participants. A MacDonalds works wonders.
The Lombard Street we like the flowers for the best. There, the cars go down in steeply sloping and narrow bends. The feel sure many so because through the crowd of tourists, there are hardly any progress. Still, very nice!
In between, we stay for half an hour in a bar because there just the quarter-finals Germany runs against Italy. With extra time and penalties. The Americans in the local are neutral and welcome each goal. Hardly recovered, show on the street bawling compatriots.
Again, the high number of bicycles together separate lanes along with many electric vehicles striking. There are other vehicles that I have never seen. Small tricycles that can be rented as a tourist for sightseeing and electric bicycles without pedaling.
At 19 pm we are glad to be back in the ferry back. When you create apparently an overzealous sailor had drawn out the gangway too far and the ship moves against it. a metal plate with two windows Wirde thereby partially torn from the ship and distributed the items the windows of some of the passengers on the first upper deck deck. But there are no casualties.
Meanwhile, it feels as if you arrive in Minnie Winnie home.
Apparently my blog is read and I get comments. Thank you! It is asked for the impressions my family on this journey. Unfortunately, no one wants to take over the blog. It is perhaps because my team immediately falls asleep at night. They complain only powerless over the clacking of the keyboard. But they like the journey. You know, the only one and they take the inconvenience of Minnie Winnie in purchasing. Yes, we argue even only often, not very often as usual. However, I think it was finally time for this trip, which we which we have long dreamed of and saved for a long time. For my daughter it is certainly once again as an important tool if you soon really want to do a year abroad in the US, or not.
Tonight I can, as so often the blog not been updated because the wifi is busy at the campsite. The transfer aborts repeatedly. I write anyway and wait for my chance in the next few days.

03 July, Silicon Valley

We left this morning Larkspur and drove over the Golden Gate Bridge. The requires toll, but this can not be paid on the spot. I had hardly that was known to me the license plate of the motor home, online book passage. Apparently recognizing cameras payment because of my license plate. Hopefully. If not, visit the Visa debit by owner along with $ 75 fee. Toll about 7.50 dollars.
The clouds hung low, so we go in the mist over the bridge. One can still see something, and of course we film the whole crossing. I am afraid of side wind, but that is unfounded. Apart from the cars there are plenty of cyclists, joggers and pedestrians.
Then we stop at an observation deck for a photo session, which could be formerly been a coastal battery to protect the harbor. Then before driving to Mountain View, visit our revered Google. It’s Sunday and there are a sufficient number of parking spaces only tourists there that Google apparently revere as a holy grail. So as we. Google is a vast area with many low-rise buildings. All in green, dominate Google colors. There is also a business with Google products, but on Sunday of course. We press just flat nose on showcase. In addition, the Android operating systems are constructed as sweets, so Marshmellow or donut. Striking are the many charging stations at parking lots and several Chevrolet Spark, which operate electrically. We have a conventional Spark at home, which makes it all the more interesting.
Thereafter, the evil side of the Force with a visit to is. The new Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino. Huge, awesome, unfinished, a terrible mouth is probably the entrance to the future underground. I mean, it even hangs a dark storm cloud above the huge circular structure, which is certainly rare in California. I have seen this before, a moment. Mordor! Morder in, Lord of the Rings‘ looks the same. Just gone.
There was a further ride forever with the poor Minnie Winnie through the vastness of America to a campground near Yosemite National Park. In between, I make the mistake, my girls to let their legs. The clothing store I discover too late. $ 173. Extreme serpentine paths take us up a mountain to the campsite. The Navi shows me a route that is not accessible for motorhomes. Fortunately noticed the son of the warning just in time. I have just a few feet back up and the cars remain patient behind me. escaped again. As I take the other path at the intersection, a second reverse Caravan comes down the narrow path.
When parallel parking backwards we disgraced ourselves terribly. Tomorrow will practice with my son the tactical character of the Bundeswehr, who have always helped. Right, left, stop, engine off.
Later breathing was difficult, because many of the neighbors fired their grill.

04 July, Yosemite

After a low-oxygen night we drive off early. The plan envisages that we reach Yosemite on a Monday so the trippers have gone. The plan does not envisage that this Monday is the American national holiday. With twice as many trippers. After all, we come early enough to secure us twice each 4 parking at tourist focal points with the Minnie Winnie. The park is indeed huge, but really impressive is the Yosemite Valley itself, with huge cliffs and high waterfalls. Some trees seem to me unnaturally large. We make two short hikes and are then ready-made from the scorching heat that has caught up with us again.
Against the background is revealed to me also the meaning of the toaster, which belongs to the barren basic equipment of Minnie Winnie. One can with him probably cool hands if they had a power connection for.
In the evening we fill our supplies on at a supermarket in Fresno and then control a spontaneous campsite toward Sequoia National Park. The is more rudimentary than all before him, but another, we do not want to search. Behind the Caravan has made a stream, unfortunately the polluted with plastic. Yet looked at me suddenly a beaver. After a couple of mosquito bites I give up my place. Next time I take my daughter with as a sacrificial anode for the mosquitoes.
The camp is located just outside of Fresno, one can only imagine the fireworks national holiday. On the square which has been banned, the area is highly flammable. It takes was not long, until you hear distant sirens.
I’ll be dreaming of switchbacks and engine brake.

05 July, Kings Canyon

I make every morning the beginning and let my family sleep. During early morning march to the outhouse a huge insect appears before my mind and RECOURSE standing there. Before I instinctively grab the flight, I see a tiny bird that flies on after 3 seconds. Something I want to have in the garden.
The shower is, as so often is not really regulated. With a controller, which really has only one axis, it regulates quantity and temperature. So little cold or much warm. Nothing in between. And the best: you squatting there in the most tiny niches directly under the shower and experience the temperature selection first hand.
Back at the RV, the two purchased camping chairs of kittens are busy. Today the Sequoia National Park’s turn. And since I am not informed properly. There are 2 national parks and Fresno from I have through the Kings Canyon National Park and then through the Sequoia. Behind the pass road leads me to my next destination Bakersfield. Or not. The second park is not accessible for campers over 22ft. Never mind that this Redwood Trees’s equal in Kings Canyon and then just repeat itself, explained a ranger. So we see only a handful, but have it in them. What giants. Hilarious heights and diameters, all bolt upright. It is awesome topsy’s can not believe. The leader of the gang is here since 1700 years and has a name: „General Grant“. Grant stands alone behind a barrier, while the other group also happy times. One was like a hundred years ago and is still there. One can pass through the trunk. Supposedly he’s still alive, he no longer changed for many years. With such stories can scare small children. And me.
We drive the route back and turn to Bakersfield, where we want to look for us today an RV park. (RV = Recreation vehicle). This time I’m smarter: My son is sitting in the passenger seat, the girls can see only one side of the road through the window. And whenever there is a shopping center or an outlet approaches, I bring a truck between the shop and it is this window. No problem here, you can use all the tracks for overtaking. Really, this land God has blessed.
The randomly approached RV Park proves jewel. Wifi, squeaky clean, conveniently located a well-arranged places through which you shall pass through, instead of having to put back into it. We can now perfectly thanks to the tactical character of my time as a soldier.
40 degrees in the shade. The pool at the entrance is unfortunately locked. For my blog I need something better wifi and I just outside the motorhome. Inside, it is thanks to electricity but air-conditioned. I’m trying to draw out the rest of the gang, because I do not want to suffer alone. Something like this: Bakersfield seen from the motor home exactly like San Francisco. And Portland Yosemite. It does not help only my laptop suffers with. But in the fridge’s beer. Right now seems to me much more important than my blog. I’m gonna go, then.

06 July, Las Vegas Arrival

Morning in the spotlessly clean and new washrooms it is not hidden that I am continually alone me. Logical. This is not a lack of hygiene, the problem. The Caravan Monster otherwise present probably incredible bathroom and are of course completely connected to the supply. A Minnie Winnie’s rarely a second time. And just as a rental car. Mine has 10,000 miles down, is not a year old. Where are the older campers from rental fleets? Lying in any Canyon with bodies around it?
Back to the washrooms: As it stands suddenly before me. The first sensible American loo. It is not produced with 20 liters of a weak swirl, the often vain toiling with human remains. No, a brief surge of water determined by barely one liter, a satisfied belch – done. Wow, they have finally realized. Better Klos – more water for something else. This toilet can save the world. I look at it for a moment fondly, and then I have to go.
Nor, as they use the washrooms, they dry laundry. Mine is the only mobile that is hung on mirrors and Awning and camping chairs with linen. The Americans only use dryer. It takes in the heat less than 30 minutes until the sun has done the job. Admittedly, there are sometimes signs that hanging laundry is crossed. No idea what they want to tell me.
Otherwise I hang by dark thoughts, because it now goes into the desert. On the street the Mojave desert begins, there’s certainly hotter than here.
Early start of Bakersfield. I have planned a stopover in Barstow. In an outlet, I feel bad about yesterday. We pass shrubs and occasional cactus. The desert is not dead. A sign for Edwards Airbase shows and at one point a lot of parked commercial aircraft.
In Barstow we find the Outlet and it looks huge. It fit here maybe 50 shops inside, all 3 we find. Another is locked because it has been a break last night. Before the broken pane in the blazing heat all the time is a policewoman. Each of the three other shops, a bank in front of it in the shade. Very nice. The girls buy anything. Absurd expensive. My girls!
We then give even a fortune in „Fat Burgers“ from where assemble the burgers from two conventional cardboard and felt 100 questions, what is in between. The randomly selected from my combinations are often not possible. Next time I take the cardboard without which between them, I hate this question hours.
First, we sit under the air conditioning and are shock frozen there. A few seats away, it is still too cold with 18 degrees. As so often they overdo it a little with the cooling. Sometimes one wonders how their ancestors have conquered this part of the world – so completely without air conditioning.
On the way we drive through 3 huge sink of maybe 20 miles across. Only 10 down, then up 10. Root the slopes enormous. I sneak to go, because if I’m good to Minnie Winnie, Minnie Winnie is to me. Law are very many stranded vehicles. Tire change at 45 ° C. Shredded tires, engines fuming. I resolve to speak tonight with Minnie Winnie. I’m at home with my Opel so, and who brought me always home. Anyone reading always this: Having trouble with Volkswagen.
My crew would need a little encouragement. Front acting yes the air conditioning of the vehicle, but not the back of the building. Since climate works only when one hangs on a wall socket. It’s grad still on the seat behind the driver, but is not air-conditioned in the middle of the mobile home. There now sits the son and get sometime not breathe. His sister winds it lovingly in wet towels, but his condition is deteriorating. Then the nurse exchanges with him and the roles are interchanged. They do not look good. Are they at all my children?
In the last dip before Las Vegas is a huge installation that makes the sun used by thousands of mirrors heat three central units that generate electricity. Impressive.
(Addendum: It is the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility, cost $ 2.2 billion and like his cost import not so soon, there are still problems among other motorists on the highway are blinded next to what I can confirm..)
Finally we reach Las Vegas. Fast first read your biggest writing on one of the huge building: „Trump“. It may one already spoil the mood. And then there are all the names that you have heard before: Caeser Palace, Venetia, Treasure Iceland, Bellagio. In fact, the visit really. We have a reservation at Circus Circus‘. There is a private RV park. The huge and almost empty, but will still fill up throughout the day.
In Office, a cheerful black employee cares for us and explained to me the right to park in the reserved spot for me by ordering around a small wooden model on a map. I can not control myself, and we all laugh together sincerely. It was the idea of her son.
After Minnie Winnie is parked and connected, go to the pool and spend time in air-conditioned mobile home now until it’s dark and not so hot. I write my blog, but may be because of the unspeakably bad Wifi even publish not.
At 20:00 we go to the Strip. We are experiencing a brightly colored, extremely expensive illusory world. Not my world, I will actually just gone. At 22:00 pm, the hotels empty and the streets are full of not coming forward. The difference between rich and poor is as pronounced as anywhere else. Stretchlimousinen go to Create past, often sleeping on the sidewalk in the middle. Helicopter transporting VIPs who do not bother with the turmoil. We witness an arrest of a car with out. No, I do nothing, that’s not life. And crowds of more than 2 individuals, I think anyway dangerous. But we remain factually times: We experience the volcano at, Treasure Iceland ‚with, quite nice. And before the crowds we flee into Caesars Palace, where we find no gambling, but a huge mall with statues, an Atlantis show and fountains. Even an artificial blue sky hovers over everything and made deceptively real. It is air-conditioned. And the prices all that prove to be more in need of improvement. The smallest ice „starter“ is available for 8 dollars.
In the labyrinth we got lost and finally asking a security guard for a way out of here as possible toward „Circus Circus“. The answers our question not, but brings only be expressed incomprehension that we really want to go the route. There are 2-3 miles. He stammers only what by taxi. That does not happen to us the first time. We eventually find their way back and the heat has turned us into a sorry state. Mich maintains only the thought of the 2 beer, which I had previously done in the refrigerator. One takes my wife, one son. They dreamed the same dream.

07 July, Las Vegas

Minnie Winnie break today. That also know because I have talked last night with him.
With the glistening sun, the transition to the strip itself. Instead, we prohibit visit our on-site casino, Circus Circus. We can not do otherwise. Although the RV park is located right next to the Strip, but has no access. No, one must go through the parking garage and the entire ground floor of the casino before being transmitted through a nondescript output to the other casinos. We sit down at one of the many countless armed bandits. I do not understand how I can affect the game. I get always 3 sevens side by side, which I think is a good sign, but after four times the dollar is gone. My minor children are already gone. They were immediately removed from the gaming area. So not rich.
Each casino has a shopping mall, which to look really pretty and of course is very expensive. There are also shows or other special features. The, Circus Circus‘ of course has a circus. It is also designed outward way. However, in a tiny indicated Manege only occasionally thunderstorms numbers offered, not about ideas. After all, there is no need tickets. Since you have not been necessarily.
The second attraction is the Adventuredome. In a huge hall is a leisure park. You can enter without a ticket and paid for the use of guests individually or in a one-day ticket. Most attractions are made with us from the fair known and almost continuously for younger guests. There are two or three roller coasters, which are designed really interesting. So if you have small children – please.
We spend the time until evening in the mobile home or by the pool, which is now dominated by Germans. We have to lick wounds, because just Germany has flown out of the European Championship against hosts France. In the rear area of the pool is a French-speaking family pushes around. The need to pass us to the exit. The outcome of the game is left to them is not hidden, they fiddle on a plan. As they pass us, they assure unasked, they were from Quebec.
Evening it’s back to the Strip, this time the fountains for focusing Bellagio and then on the road back focusing Venetia, where sing and go in the Casino gondolas on channels whose authentically foil made Gondolier loudly in Italian. Very pretty. The girls use the last opportunity for shopping, but let me not look into the bags throw. But the bags have to have something of value in itself, as the girls look at her.
Then home, beer, sleep, tomorrow we leave Vegas. It then goes also.

08 July, Zion

We leave today to leave early, just after the father deserted Caravan has dumped. First, we buy one and recharge. I have made it my long made a habit, refuel again when the tank is only half empty. It would be a nightmare to bring an unwanted stay in one of these deserted deserts. When shopping, we have almost only bought drinks. One simply does not develop a hunger in this heat.
Then we drive all the way from the desert northeast toward Zion National Park. It is colder – or shall we say enjoyable – and the landscape is green again. Long before the park we have been going through tremendous canyons. So the holidays are already like a lot better. The change from Nevada to Utah brings us for an hour time difference just the loss of this hour. So we actually come too late. In the northern part of the park one comes only with a free bus, which is now in time no longer fits. So we drive the planned route with the camper to the other side of the park from west to east. The scenery and the rock formations are also here already imposing enough. In between, we had $ 15 toll to pay for a tunnel which can always be operating only in one direction. And campers have to go right in the middle, because the passage of the semicircular tube is too low side. The vast landscape had formed by superimposed spilled lava.
Just behind this park is the reserved campsite. Green spaces, a central pool (with a loud infants inside) and an unusual landscape in the background. Some of the rocks already look like Bryce Canyon – formations that we know only from photographs. Until tomorrow.

09 July, Bryce Canyon

We must – quite something new – get up very early. At night we had at first heat, then cold, then get through nosebleeds. Half of the team has a headache. Getting up early is facilitated by a special characteristic of Americans. If the plan with their vehicle slightly, the motor is turned on first. The packing can then take half an hour, the main thing, of marine diesel rumbles ever through the canyon. A small personal advantage is bought by a huge environmental sin. The car will not even cooled, because the doors are even open. They do not know, they do not think so. but why not start with it. Where else to bicycles, small cars, electric vehicles in some city. but at the campsite with the large ships other laws still apply. Again to bikes: along the last 40 miles to Bryce Canyon can be seen 89 very well developed cycle path along the highway. Without any bike. but I have to admit: Without shade at 40 degrees I had my difficulties with this bike path. Nevertheless, it is there. And again the environmental sin: After Minnie Winnie feels taken seriously by the nightly conversations, he has negotiated that while he brings me to your destination, but much more than abnormal must drink a lot. I now fuel up every day for $ 70 and get for 170 miles.
At the campsite there was already such a rock formation in small, as we should see them later today in Bryce Canyon. The ranger at the park entrance gives me first a detailed list of everything Minnie Winnie must not: Rumstehen wherever. He threatened to martial penalties and was then only friendly. So let Minnie Winnie stand at the first opportunity. It is also the last; a little later to maybe 10 o’clock occupied all parking in the park. Outside there are also those. No problem, all these places are served by free shuttles. We went through random decision at the second stop after the Visitor Center from back and did everything just right. This is the main viewpoint, which is earlier blocked. From this we walked for two hours at the edge of the canyon back to Minnie Winnie and get a sunburn.
The Bryce Canyon and many other formations of this type occurred during and after the Ice Age. The ice split the rock and then flowed from. I would not have guessed, one suspects indeed mostly a volcano as guilty. Anyway – very memorable sight.
Then Papa is back with the daily driving hours tuned, while the crew is asleep and missed a lot of incredible landscapes on the way to Page at Lake Powell. Legendary rock landscapes. Growth only in settlements by people. It is just a stone desert and in some of them, one wonders who has the so placed. Until I know better: volcanoes course. Just before Page we will drive over a dam, the well-founded the artificial Lake Powell. Gorgeous blue water, but tens of meters high walls around stone. Not Green. must arrive in Page Minnie Winnie booze and we to Pizza Hut. On the map we discover a family package, which saves us the question hour after all the ingredients.
Today no campsite is booked, I have already reserved to tourist hotspots. It was never a problem to find in this American holiday season in July a campsite, you always had a place for us. Seats were still free even on the reserved seats. Today it has become more difficult. In Here Maps, our offline navigation system, no places are listed. Google Maps knew that, but has ceased operations, because our American cell phone with ATT denied the service. Later I learn: In Page does not exist ATT. So rethinking how it ancient civilization techniques, as I have learned in the army. You take the tank any poor worm almost to his feet and then asks kindly for directions. The Americans were not impressed, but remained friendly. We found a place with pool and Wifi from morning 3:00 to 3:10. At all other times experience has shown too many people on the net.
The daughter complains evening loudly that the showers whenever someone presses the toilet flush, are hot because the water pressure of the cold water pipe is eliminated. Effeminate bitch.
To my knowledge, there was a beer and Minnie Winnie wants to renegotiate …

July 10 Grand Canyon

While the family may go to sleep, I go to the washrooms. While showering I think through the day today, until someone presses the toilet flush. That takes the pressure from the cold water remains hot. The hot jet burns me a few ruts in the fur.
The toilet is as usual cozy nature and can be with plenty of water much time without a difference. I express why it three times and do not disturb me further to the cries of pain from the showers. From the fourth time press keeps me then but a threat from.
I had taken the cheaper place with electricity and water but no sewer. Why even waste water, there is always a central place for discharging and there is one only 5 minutes. Only – the sewage station is fitted with a lock, the key is to get into the reception. The only opens at 11:00. So I’m looking for an empty parking space at the edge of the park with sewage and Minnie Winnie does its necessity then just there.
When driving gets caught the awning of Minnie Winnie, the repair is easy. Presumably his revenge, because our relationship has cooled somewhat.
Today, the Grand Canyon is off, the highlight of the trip. On the way to the Wild West landscape continues with the big stones and there is little vegetation. You drive by a monumental landscape in the next and dulls somewhat. Before our goal is green again and off the road the forest is burning, what pointed neon signs. It lets him but simply burn. Sometimes the new growth should be quite healthy for a forest yes.
The right and left of the rim again green Grand Canyon surprised us completely. Something of monumental. 260 miles long, 1.6 miles deep and 10 miles from edge to edge. One detects it only when you stand in front. The Colorado has eaten here about 4 million years by layers of sediments equal to several former seas. We visit a number of viewpoints and the Visitor Center. Something all parks and you can here see films about everything interesting about this landscape.
At a lookout point a group of young Americans appear blindfolded, to be established with the hands on the shoulder of the man in front of their guide at the rim of the canyon. At the edge they may remove the bandages. They sound as if they had not known it was going to the Grand Canyon today. Can one remain hidden it?
On the way we look for a campsite of KOA chain in Williams. I have internet and a pool. The reception is like a saloon in Western designed and before that there is a rocking chair, as I sit in it. How many years ago maybe the sheriff. And beer there also.

11 July driving day, Route 66

Until the last National Park, Joshua Tree NP, it’s too far, so we’ll just go today and reach the place tomorrow. We from sleep and leave our campsite in Williams late. For two days we are the way in Arizona, today we will be back in California. I go first through green landscapes to Kingman, where we buy and recharge. And again I get a clothing store in the way – 200 $. There is a snack at KFC, it continues. South of Kingman put back a desert landscapes. When we leave Needles Highway to arrive today to Blythe about to Joshua Tree NP. Just before leaving, we achieve a control which is required to undergo any. A policewoman wants to know from me, where we come from, notes my stammer that I am a tourist and answered the question himself: „Grand Canyon“. I nod and allowed to proceed. Should we expect a surprise: 2 miles Route 66! He connects the two roads that we have to use. Now we are back in California. The exact running southbound Highway 95 leads back through a desert with no vegetation and runs like a roller coaster through the hills always up and down. Move I contact a campsite in Blythe, the appeals immediately. On the last kilometers the desert is green again and it is farmed. The water for this comes from the Colorado River, which flows along right here, after leaving the Grand Canyon.
The campsite is a stunner. It lies on the Colorado and we will get a spot exactly on the slope to the water. The washrooms are super and the pool is actually the first time usable, because here are missing the many selfish midgets who made all pools previously unusable. Incidentally, each pool is plastered with prohibition signs, jumped is anyway.
There are 42 degrees here. Next to us is a device for slipping and we see some really generously sized boats in Colorado.
We consider one more day to stay here, then just missing us in Los Angeles. It would be one day real vacation. In Los Angeles riots have already broken out, because white policemen shot in other parts of 2 other blacks for trivial occasions.
Today we are witnessing the rapid sunset nor outside. There are slender black birds, blackbirds perhaps our comparable that emit no simple sounds, but can vary their voices very exotic. The was our first time in Vegas at the campsite and since then on each other.

12 July Colorado Holiday

We actually decided to stay the program and to spend one day later. I counted by that I also can create on a program of two days and that’s just tomorrow.
Of course, there’s a lazy day at 45 ° in Colorado and the pool little to report. It sprints from shadow to shadow and does little more than water in mind. And movement is harmful, we learn. For example, taken away garbage. I have the best argument, not stir the garbage: „Who cares about that shit does not even taken away the garbage.“
When I wegbrachte the garbage, I got to know Mike, the highlight of the day. He threw obviously a part of his goods in the garbage and I helped him a little. But he let me share his worldview. Here are some excerpts:
• The Americans have forced Germany in both World Wars, Hitler has done everything possible for peace.
• At all the Jews are just yet guilt.
• Obama provoked the hour Putin, who is actually a very upright politician, with a twelve-part EMP warhead (something turns off the lights and even worse – the phones, editor’s note) to a nuclear strike on America, resulting in a world war, which again expose the economy to zero.
• Mike and throws away his goods, because of not having fit into the container to Uruguay, in which he still emigrates this week. And indeed, there is a container next Mikes wheels Wi trailer.
These are just snippets of all I can remember. Heat devours the brain. I had heard of such Americans. I neglect to set out my opinion and say goodbye politely. Next time bring away who else the garbage.
About the campsite runs a pipeline, the crossing of the Colorado River it is raised by bridge to perhaps 20 meters. By struts, the pipe is stiffened in all directions. I rätsele what is there probably passed and tap oil. The huge country with the voracious cars will be powered and it was just not enough tanker trucks on the streets. The few that we saw had food labels. So this could be the solution. Morning will see a two-headed maintenance team that climbs a determined 40-meter-high pillars and there all morning spends at 45 degrees with hammers and controls. It hardly disturbs, it is precisely through our minds, but with an estimated 40 meters away. I have mighty respect for this tough job. How many meters of pipeline these days were probably needed to transport the fuel for Minnie Winnie in the desert …

July 13 Joshua Tree, Walk of Fame

Horror day. The program of two days must be taken today. I fear, but it conceal my team.
First, we do not have a purchase order, which is to obtain medicines, available cheaper in the United States. But neither in a pharmacy shop even at Wal Mart, we will find them and have to give up eventually.
On the way to Joshua Tree National Park we drive through the Colorado Desert, killing numerous small yellow butterflies. They fly to thousands of back and forth across the highway. Some were still alive, I would have dispensed with my journey. As this trip is not particularly environmentally friendly. I’m going several times the world must circumnavigate on the bike to make it up to you.
At the park entrance is not a Ranger, you should contact next to itself to pay in the building. Thanks to the annual card I pay nothing and get information about the park. Often there is not that in German, but here.
As usual happens over many kilometers absolutely nothing. All around is desert, sparsely populated by small trees and bushes. Then comes a cactus garden. There is only one way, but will stand up to the horizon. Later the real sensation of the park: Joshua Trees. Only sporadically, then thousands. Really impressive, but there are no trees, but there are lilies. I went many extra miles to retract at the southern park entrance and at the northwestern entrance out down again. Unnecessary. All the essentials would have also seen if you were retracted northeast. That would have saved the Park circumnavigation.
According to the National Park, there are still over 100 miles to Los Angeles. Nevertheless, the dense development begins very soon and no longer ends. The streets are quickly arrived at 6 tracks. And it is not as friendly as further north. Hardly a car lets me change lanes. So I take my right, mostly I’m finally greater. Lo and behold – they can honk where they are otherwise so peaceful yet. The tracks in both directions at least viscous, mostly I am. The traffic is just as bad, as I know it from television of L.A.. Here the car is only one drawback. Smog, traffic, crowds – I have here never recovers.
Downtown is indeed visible from far away, but is in the smog. I navigate to the „Walk of Fame“ and in between we see the Hollywood sign. That with the „Walk of Fame“ I had left dear. Quite stupid idea with the camper. I can not always time to change lanes and therefore more circles to the goal than I drive it. Finally, the streets are so narrow that oncoming drivers must first let me through. I see otherwise also not a single RV. I can not say the traffic rules are that I ignore, and the meanness that I need to commit. Finally, I find a side street barely 100m away from the Walk of Fame. I can stand in a driveway and therefore must remain in the car. No sooner has the rest of the family away, comes the „park police“ in one of these cute little tricycles, which I thought that’s only in the film. While I try to suppress a stupid grin, I moan: „If I have to go away now, I’ll never get back my family.“ The policeman initially blind eye to and whispered to me, he came in exactly 30 minutes and then stood I better not be here. My family seems timely. After the fight goes to every lane change even further, until we finally arrive at Balboa RV Park. It is one of only 4 parks in Los Angeles and it was just about to dismiss the thirtieth Caravan. I had booked and paid in February and was treated picked. For the first time someone goes before my mobile, has me in my place and will then also all terminals do this for me. When I refuse, he pushes at least still drive-on wedges under the wheels to prevent the mobile is not wrong. Very beautiful. We incidentally rarely were all the weeks grade and it did not bother us nothing.
Today I’m really sleep finished. Morning then the Universal Studios.

July 14 Universal Studios

Morning turns out that live from the film industry in the neighboring vehicles, an old camper and an old caravan, Creative. A stuntman, a cameraman. With you 95 more people live permanently on the campsite. Life here is cheaper, many at the weekend then in their true home far outside Los Angeles. Ever many campsites had such permanent residents, certainly mostly for cost reasons. There are also many pensioners who want to see as a vagabond still something of the world and have resolved her life. We were never in public places, where prices are very low and the plight of permanent residents to be quite large.
Today the Universal Studios are on the program. We start early, there to experience some attractions as early as possible with little waiting time. The morning traffic gave us a further insight into the disastrous traffic and 8 miles attracted very in length. Here, the campsite was close to Universal Studios.
Parking proves well organized. On the question corners are always referrers and I put my mobile soon between some fellows in a corner for campers. $ 25.
Admission $ 115. Pro nose, no discount. There are far more expensive cards with which you can simply walk past the queues. And much more expensive tickets, then someone walks in front of a forth to the queue over. An estimated 20% of visitors had this kind cards. Such class systems I consider limited unacceptable. Of course, anyone can buy a much better car than I possess a what way should not be too difficult. But he has kindly keep at a red light right next to me. Well, here it is different and that’s for a smooth. 6
We first visit the Studio Tour. Wait 10 minutes. Here you will be driven about an hour in a busähnlichen formations by the located below the park studios and scenes. Very interesting indeed. Here are several attractions. In two 4D cinemas around you will be shaken up. Once you are in the middle in the film King Kong, in which a monkey and dinosaur fight each other while taking little account of the spectators. And later in the same way a firefight from „Fast and Furious“, where an ever flies a rocket around the ears. Gosh. Something I did not know that could be the future of cinema. Comparable VR. Then there is what having white shark and a doomsday in a subway station.
The other rides are provided with waiting times of at least an hour and we save that. There were also shows that we all see. „Special Effects“ and „Waterworld“ were by far the best. One has the movie „Waterworld“ which was probably a flop, do not like, but the show is incredible. The actors are even picked out similar to those in the film. Only the former actress is not well taken. But it is a pretty nimble beast, which assures it life. When I was a number several times perished.
We also encounter a family of straw hats that crosses our path with apelike speed. My girls swear by it, to have Adam Sandler recognized ‚. I do not disagree precaution. It can not hurt to have an attraction also collected when I eventually admission must confess in the Universal Studios my wife. Somehow belongs indeed more here than I do. And certainly has the card, which he must pass the red lights. Actually I do not like him.
And, it all was now $ 485 for a family value? No! The only argument: It is probably only once in a lifetime there and would be angry forever.
We drive a few miles back and tries across L.A. The Navi to drive around the cluttered highways and sends me by L.A. While this is interesting, the narrow streets and many traffic lights due but unnerving. Beautiful are the intersections, in which all four junctions are marked with stop signs. We must continue in the order of arrival and provides unity through eye contact. Very effective and it works well.
The campsite is this time located in Long Beach, because near takes place the delivery of the mobile home. The „Golden Gate Trailer Resort“ is nicely located 2 miles away is Long Beach, a mile away is the Queen Mary 1 on the opposite side of the harbor. This is the last attraction of such leave, which we are still a two-hour walk worth.
Again, there are plenty of cyclists and because my heart goes smooth but something on. The tearful young lady who pushes with bleeding knees her bike behind us, I hide a try. Before an aquarium determines hundred young people stand around in groups, but all deal with the smartphones. So intense that I had not seen before. But there is an explanation: In the US Pokémon Go has just been released, a week before Germany.
After that, we are as usual exhausted and still visit the pool and hot tub well maintained campsite. In Whirlpool it is again interesting. Beside me 2 Americans sit with Mexican immigrant background, we call a time Jose. They converse in English, Jose sucks in passing on a beer can. When the empty and Jose spirited mood, he lifts her up and yells about the campsite „padding“ ( „Refill“). He also does not stop. But if I would feel otherwise disturbed, I’m curious here on the outcome of the experiment. „Fill up“. If that works at its Mexican, maybe even with my Russian. I need only an empty can. So I remain patient, even though Jose – is quite annoying – well nourished and perfectly round. And actually comes running after 5 minutes a preppy Mexican. Without box. With one hand she pulls Jose on the ear from the pool, with the other tears from him the can and swings it once against his head. the day is over so for Jose.

July 15 LA – Hannover

In the morning we make the mobile home clean, pack your bags and eat the leftovers. The two to bought camping chairs we have come to appreciate, but they fit nowhere into. I carry out one last time my „dirty business“ of Dumpens. Then we fill up one last time and bring the Caravan for lying near Station through our landlord Apollo.
There is a young lady that Caravan looks at in detail. They discovered no new damage and also overlooks the slight scratches on the exterior mirror. Bedding, we have to throw in the provided container. And at the very end they discovered during a deep look in the toilet, „Poo“, even though I had done my job very conscientiously. Apparently there is a „flush“ function of the I whether the volatile briefing but knew nothing. The fee for the subsequent cleaning by Apollo is 150 dollars. The branch manager is added and for a tip does that of the lowest-ranking employees and we do not talk about it further. Then I would have the guarantee of 1500 dollars will get back that had been debited to me in Seattle from my Visa card. There, however, no one had to pay logged in the system so that I can again get nothing. It profits me nothing to be able to prove the charge with the bank app on my phone. It promises the same drum Monday to mind, because in the Australian headquarters has long been the day ends. (Addendum: Tuesday I had the money back.)
I had booked six 500 miles packets planned 2800 miles and 3005 miles’m gone. It looked at Apollo generously across the 5 miles.
We continue with Uber XL (slightly larger vehicle) to the airport and come to our home.
Here the aircraft is over the Atlantic Ocean, an Airbus 380, the last highlight of the trip. And a disappointment. It flies like the other planes and shakes in turbulence as the others. We have far less space than the A330-300 on the way there and the entertainment system is already completely outdated, the touch screen do not respond well. Add to hardly be reset sitting of Flight is a torment. Do I not have again.
The flight from Paris to Hannover is routine, the last ride in the own car home but not. I let the weary family back in the airport and ride the shuttle onto the outdoor area to get my car. But that did not move, I had started the interior lighting in the hectic three weeks ago. So I call the ADAC, waiting at the barrier. After 5 minutes, someone comes to fill the machine with new tickets and looks at me quizzically: „Battery exhausted“. And indeed he has a charger case and sets my car within 5 minutes in operation. There is probably enough idiot like me. Now merely alight …
That was our adventure, our life has sent us again and this blog. Thanks for the interest.